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scribble on the sun ; swallow a sunbeam

17 November 1983
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about me;

Why don't you love me?

i like teal and reading classics and writing in beautiful notebooks with blunt pencils.
sometimes, i go a tad crazy. there's nothing to be scared of though; i'm harmless, even when provoked. most of the time, i'm floating around, trying to find my sanity, and also my creative spirit, which takes to running away every now and then.
and if you're still reading this and you're not turned off by the abuse of commas and by the weird, well then, hello♥

there is a saner introduction somewhere in my journal; you'll find it if you look.

also, if you're going to add, there are semi-important links that may or may not make a difference

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writing blog

fandoms; i has them, kay. So, mainly that japanese agency full of sparkly, tone-deaf, squeaky-as-hell pretty boys/men, of which I flail mainly over arashi, smap, tokio, v6 and an assortment of juniors, because they are awesome.